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Welcome to the Neptune Cove Invitational. The tournament format is Better Ball of Pair, 90% of the USGA Certified Handicap, for the 3 days of the event. The field will be set by use of double shotguns each day, starting at 8:00 A.M. & 1:30 P.M. Team pairings to be assigned starting holes; grouped by flights.

The Golf Committee requires your guest to have an established and certified handicap. The Committee also reserves the right to adjust the participants’ handicap as deemed necessary.

On the enclosed Tournament Application, please pay special attention to the spaces for your guest’s information. Your application must be fully completed for it to be accepted and numbered by the Committee. Applications for Regular, Regular Senior and Intermediate III Members will begin being accepted on Saturday, June 18; 7:00 AM in the Members Lounge.

Terms and Conditions of Application Receipt:

  1. Applications must be completely filled out and legible to be accepted by the Golf Committee.
  2. The field of the Invitational Tournament is limited to the first 72 applications received. An alternate list will be formed for all applications received after the original 72.
  3. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, starting 7:00 AM on Saturday, June 18, 2012. Applications must be submitted by the Member, or duly authorized representative on that date, or prior to Sunday, July 3.
  4. By submitting your application, you hereby authorize NCC to bill your account for the entry fee of $895.
  5. In case of inclement weather, which causes cancellation of the event, your entry will be adjusted to reflect the incurred expenses.

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Practice Round Event: 1:30 PM Shotgun

Stag Dinner, Wednesday Night
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